Springcare Visiting Information – 16th August 2021

You can download a copy of our visiting policy here.

You may be aware of some further changes to visiting which we have now received from PHE/ Department of Health and Social Care and our local authority teams.

Any persons notified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for covid 19 are advised not to visit our care homes to protect their loved ones, other residents and staff.

Exceptions would be made for families where their loved ones were receiving care and support in their last days of their life.

There may be other exceptions to this which would need to be discussed with the manager of the home, however if visits do occur for close contacts of positive individuals, access to the home would only be on evidence of a negative PCR prior to the day of the visit and a negative LFD test which has been registered on the day of the visit but before coming to the home.

We will try our best to facilitate visits for families over any 7 day period including weekends. The number of visitors to the home at any time will be determined by each home manager so that the registration process, visit and IC measures can be maintained safely.

There have also been changes to visiting rights of essential care givers should a home experience an outbreak of covid. We will continue to allow essential care givers into the home to provide the much valued support to their loved one during an outbreak as long as neither the essential care giver nor the resident is covid positive or symptomatic pending a test result. Furthermore, access would not be allowed during an outbreak if the essential care giver is identified as a close contact of a covid positive individual or they could not evidence that they had been double vaccinated.

The upper limit on nominated visitors is no longer in place but we politely request that for indoor visits no more than 2 adults plus children visit their loved one either at the same time or separately within a 24 hour period. For relatives visiting someone who is at their end of life, these visits would be managed differently and there would be no time restrictions.

Residents who have unplanned visits out of the home to hospital which require an overnight stay will be required to isolate for 14 days on return.

Residents with planned overnight hospital stays will not need to fully isolate on return as long as they have been double vaccinated. They will require a PCR on the day of re-admission to the home, isolate until the PCR result is received and if negative isolation will stop but 10 days of LFD testing will commence.

All other conditions shared previously remain unchanged at this time, with all visits arranged by booking in advance with the home staff.

We continue to respectfully request that wherever possible you complete the Lateral Flow Device Testing and registration of the result prior to arrival to the home. These tests are widely available in the community and many business venues will be requiring completion as time goes on. Naturally, our staff will be happy to support the testing for anybody that is not able to do so independently if you would kindly inform us at the time of your booking. Likewise, if we can advise about the procedure, please do not hesitate to ask.

The support that families have shown to their loved ones and care staff in the homes has been wonderful and we couldn’t have got through the last 18 months without you all.

Yours sincerely

Springcare Operations Team