Springcare Covid-19 update – May 2021

Further to my previous correspondence where I advised you about changes to visiting arrangements for our residents, I write to provide a further change in line with the Government guidance which is now published.

The additional information effective from Monday 17th May 2021, states that each resident may have 5 nominated visitors that can visit indoors.

Of those 5 nominated visitors, it remains that a maximum of 2 people may visit at any one time. (not including a child under two years of age or an essential care giver)

Each home will also support where possible visits by other family members in addition to the 5 nominated visitors, by means of garden/ window or pod visits.

Would you please discuss this matter with your loved one so that they can choose their 5 preferred visitors and then notify the home staff so that it is incorporated within the individual visiting plan.

All other conditions as shared previously remain unchanged at this time, with all visits arranged by booking in advance with the home staff.

This allows for all residents within the home to have equal and fair opportunity to receive and welcome their nominated visitors throughout the week and ensures that our staff can continue to manage the necessary practicalities to protect against the risk, all be it reduced, from Corona Virus being transmitted.

With the increased number of visitors, may I respectfully request that wherever possible you complete the Lateral Flow Device Testing and registration of the result prior to arrival and within 2 hours of your booked visit. These tests are widely available in the community and many business venues will be requiring completion as time goes on. Naturally, our staff will be happy to support the testing for anybody that is not able to do so independently if you would kindly inform us at the time of your booking. Likewise, if we can advise about the procedure, please do not hesitate to ask.

We are very pleased to support the gradual easing of restrictions and already see the positive impact that your visits are having, indeed we are starting to consider and tentatively plan for exciting activities within our homes; we are praying for kind weather in the coming months so we can arrange garden picnics and even outdoor entertainment.

I wish to thank you for your unfailing support as we navigate through this ever- changing journey, and again must commend our wonderful teams for all that they continue to do in their efforts to support our residents, you and each other.

Yours sincerely

Clare Delaney

Operations Director