Springcare Covid-19 update – November 2020

I am sure that you will be very aware of the continuing challenges that the Covid-19 virus is presenting to us all.

From the outset earlier in the year, everybody within Springcare has remained strongly committed to keeping our residents and staff safe and well; this commitment continues to be of paramount importance.

Sadly, all of our homes spanning four counties within England, have been closed to visiting since early October, in accordance with all local Directors of Public Health guidance and in response to the increasing rates of the infection.

This was not a decision that was taken lightly but respectful of the professional expertise that provided guidance and advice.

I am extremely aware of the effects and impact of such restrictions for our residents and their loved ones and wish to thank you for your unfailing understanding and support during these difficult times.

Mindful of the continuing situation, we have been exploring ways in which we could restore visiting whilst not compromising the safety and welfare of residents, relatives and our staff.

I am delighted to share with you that over the coming weeks there will be a delivery and installation of tailor- made pods in the car parks of each of our homes.

These wooden pods currently being manufactured to design and order for Springcare, will be heated and insulated to provide a comfortable, safe facility for your visit.

To uphold robust infection control, there will be a transparent perspex screen in the pod allowing close visible contact, with access to both areas separated and supported by a member of staff.

There will be conditions to facilitate the scheduled visits which will initially be limited to one visitor per family.

Further conditions will be in place to ensure safety and these will be shared with you when the pods are in place and visiting planning commences.

As we approach the festive season, I am sure the homes will be thinking of ways in which the pods can be decorated to create a festive ambience, there may even be some inter home competitiveness!

For those residents that are unable to use the pod we are considering an alternative way to facilitate a safe visit over the festive period and will advise you in due course.

I appreciate that this remains a very modified way of visiting your loved one, but under the current circumstance I hope you view this as our positive commitment to the situation.

Naturally, we will continue to review the localised position and where required to do so will respect professional colleagues advice.

I should like to commend and thank our wonderful staff for their valiant work in creating the safe havens within our homes and keeping everybody safe.

Yours sincerely

Lee Cox – Director